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I know this question has been asked before ( Can NetBeans auto-build java free-form (Ant) projects? ), but it was never answered. What i am looking for is a way to build & deploy my netbeans project using ant, just as if u clicked build and then deploy, whenever i save a file, including static files (js and css). Compile on Save does not use Ant.

I need this, because i have a custom build.xml, and the build time when only a couple of files changed is less then a sec (so not significally slower then Compile on Save).

Plugins welcome.

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If you use the "Files" view of your NetBeans project, and right click the Ant build script it should list a number of targets in the "Run Targets" submenu of the popup menu. Clicking the target executes it, so clicking the correct target should solve your question.


Additionally, when you click the ant script the members/functions view should populate with a list of Ant targets. In turn, when you right click an Ant target you can opt to create a shortcut to it (which should add it as a button or menu entry to your NetBeans UI).

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I want it to automatically build and deploy my project whenever i save any file in it. I can already run the right script if i click on build. –  Kicsi Jan 5 '13 at 3:08
I still do not want to click anything in the ui. For that i can right-click and build the project, that already calls the right target in my ant. I want the Behaviour of "Compile on Save", when it autobuilds the changed files whenever you edit (and save) one of them, but instead just compiling/copying the file to the build dir, it sould call the ant build target. –  Kicsi Jan 5 '13 at 3:18
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Turns out deploy will save all files and build the project, so binding Deploy to a hotkey and using that instead of Ctrl+S did the trick.

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