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I have been running up the walls trying to get this working. I have a self-hosted WCF Data Service with a Silverlight 5 client. I am trying to implement custom authentication for it. I have the clientaccesspolicy.xml being served up and everything is working fine without the authentication. But with authorization turned on, the SL 5 client just cannot send the Authorization header no matter what, using NetworkCredentials, creating header in the SendingRequest event etc. This works fine with a WPF client.

I think I finally found the reason, it is probably because the access to clientaccesspolicy.xml is being authenticated. How can I avoid this authentication? I came across this solution:

<location path="clientaccesspolicy.xml">
    <allow users="*" />

But how can I implement this programmatically? Any input highly appreciated.

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I finally got it worked out. For anyone having similar issues, check this out :

It has to do with the clientaccesspolicy.xml file. It has to be served through a separate service which allows anonymous access.

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