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I had assumed that Google Maps would only partially display .kmz or .kml files containing paths/trails with too many points. However, while trying to upload and edit such a map, I inadvertently created a map-view in which all the points are displayed. Each waypoint contains only text information, and all markers appear the same. Unfortunately, I don't know how to create such a map again. Any ideas?

If the question of how to display full paths/trails has been solved elsewhere, I apologize, but I'd appreciate the link. Thanks.

(I created the original .kml file in MyTracks, edited it, and saved it as a .kmz in Google Earth before uploading.)

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It seems I must have registered a path/trail directly from my cellphone app, My Tracks, and this one came out with all points displayed and markers the same. I still don't know how to due this from my PC. but at least I have a workaround! – scyntl Jun 30 '13 at 12:15

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