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Given the string

[FROM] Jan 5 2013 10:16:41 widget <__FILE__> <__LINE__>

I want to extract the "peripheral", in this case "widget".

The "peripheral" name alwasy starts in the same column - but can have different lengths, so I suppose I could use memcpy() or strncpy() and use strchr() ot get the position of the space. I will accept a code answer that does that and works.

However, it got a bit tricky as it has been a while since I coded C, so I tried

     char traceDirection[11];
     char month[4];
     char day[3];
     char year[5];
     char hour[3];
     char min[3];
     char sec[3];
     sscanf(line,"%s %s %s %s:%s:%s %s %s",  
                  traceDirection, month, day, year, hour, min, sec, peripheralName);

Everythng is fine until hour, min, sec, and I supect it might be because of the colons in the HH:MM:SS

Can soemone give me some code, whetehr using sscanf() or otherwise, to get the name of the peripheral from such a string (I don't care about any of the rest), given that

  • the lines always have the same format
  • the name of the peripheral always starts in the same column
  • however, it does not have a fixed length; it is terminated by a space

Thanks in advance. This is what happens when you jump between languages :-(

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Use int to read Integers, NOT char.

 int day, year, hour, min, sec;
 sscanf(line,"%s %s %d %d %d:%d:%d %s",  
         traceDirection, month, &day, &year, &hour, &min, &sec, peripheralName);

See Ideone

To read only prefipheralName use this,

sscanf(line,"%*[^:]%*s %s", peripheralName);

Here %*[^:] matches anything before first :. Then %*s matches anything before first space. But none of this scan assign any variable. At last %s just scans normally and assigns it to peripheralName.

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Your format string should be as follows:

"%s %s %s %s %2s:%2s:%2s %s"

You need four %s before the colon-separated block %2s:%2s:%2s for HH:MM:SS, and your code had only three %s in there. Also, the strings for HH, MM, and SS should be limited to 2 characters; otherwise, the entire 10:16:41 gets read into the hour string.

Here is a link to a demo on ideone.

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In the above example, the %s format specifier eats all non-whitespace characters, so the hour is getting all the HH:MM:SS stuff (overrunning the buffer). To limit those to 2 characters, you can do %2s.

PCRE may be more helpful, as well.

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If your file is truly guaranteed to have that format, the sscanf approach is overkill given your requirements. You already have the line in line, so you can just do

#define WIDGET_COLUMN 27
int widgetStart = line + WIDGET_COLUMN;
int widgetLength = strcspn(line[widgetStart], " ");
char* widget = malloc(widgetLength+1);
if (!widget) { /* handle OOM error */ }
memcpy(widget, widgetStart, widgetLength);
widget[widgetLength] = '\0';
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