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I have a method called AddOrder() where the user creates an order. As the system asks the user to enter Product Name, I want to write a function that gets the specific record from the products.dat file. Also as the user is asked to enter the amount of product quantity, I want the system to be able to detect if the product quantity of that particular product exceeds the amount available in Stock(also stored in products.dat) of that product.

I tried the function but it is not working properly when I call it from AddOrder(). Here's my code.

void addOrder()
    order o1;


    printf("\t\t Adding an Order\n\n");

        printf("Enter CustomerID: \n");

    printf("Enter Product Name: \n");
    scanf("%s", o1.ProductName);

    int QuantityInStock = getQuantity(o1.ProductName);
    printf("%d", &QuantityInStock);

    int PQuantity = 0;
    printf("Enter Product Quantities: \n");
    scanf("%d", &PQuantity);

    if(PQuantity > QuantityInStock)
        printf("You have axeceeded available stock!\n");
        printf("Product Quantity is available\n");

    printf("Order record was added to the system!\n");

int getQuantity(const char* ProductName)
    FILE *pfp;
    product p;
    int countstock=0;



            countstock +=&p.QuantityInStock;


    return countstock;

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What errors you are getting ? – Adeel Ahmed Jan 5 '13 at 5:19
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printf("%d", &QuantityInStock);

Why are using & while printing QuantityInStock value, it will print the address of QuantityInStock variable not its value..

printf("%d", QuantityInStock);

I think this is not the answer of your problem, problem is some where else..Please share the error you are getting..

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Thanks, my problem is solved. It was & that was getting the address not the actual value. I used printf to test it and a huge value was printed. – JCooperS Jan 5 '13 at 5:35
& solve your problem? then mark as right answer :D – Adeel Ahmed Jan 5 '13 at 5:38

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