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I'm confused by the following JDBC error.

[JdbcSQLException: Column "HASH" not found; SQL statement: insert into HashToUrl (hash, url) values ( hash, url ) [42122-158]]


# Tasks schema

# --- !Ups

    Hash integer,
    Url  varchar(255)

# --- !Downs


Is my insert statement bad?


def create(hash: Int, url:String) {
    DB.withConnection { implicit c =>
        SQL("insert into HashToUrl (hash, url) values ({hash, url})")
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Maybe a lower/upper case issue ? –  nico_ekito Jan 5 '13 at 13:13

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I don't use Anorm, but I don't think it automatically binds data to parameter.

SQL("insert into HashToUrl (hash, url) values ({hash, url})")
    .on("hash" -> hash, "url" -> url)

(I don't think it's your current error, check character case like said nico)

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Which database are you using? For example, PostgreSQL is case-sensitive. If so, you should specify not 'hash' but 'Hash' in SQL.

SQL("insert into HashToUrl (Hash, Url) values ({hash, url})")...
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SQL("insert into HashToUrl (hash, url) values ({hash, url})")

should be

SQL("insert into HashToUrl (hash, url) values ({hash, url})").on('hash -> hash, 'url-> url).executeUpdate()
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