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I installed Android SDK Manager two months back. I got the Android 2.3.3 SDK installed, but I do not quite remember the steps I followed, because I am new to Android development. Now, when I open Android SDK manager, I see only the "SDK Platform Android 2.3.3". I cannot see any other API versions which I am interested in (eg. higer versions). However, I do not see any options for selecting any other API versions. I have already tried the following:

1) Tried to locate "Available Packages" option, but I cannot locate this option in Android SDK Manager.

2) Tried Tools -> Options -> "forse h ttps://...sources". After doing this, it connected to this URL but the View remains the same,i.e I cannot see a list of available packages that I can install. I have not given any proxy address in the boxes.

3) I have run the Android SDK manager with administrator privilege.

4) I am not running Android SDK manager from eclipse, i.e. I am running it directly. (at the time of writing I am downloading eclipse again because I had uninstalled it. So, I haven't tried opening Android SDK manager from eclipse).

I am attaching the screen shot of the Android SDK manager. (with the version number of SDK manager in the About dialog box)

enter image description here

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Go to Help -> Install new software

Click on Add button

Add the link

Expand Developer tools. Inside that select Android DDMS and Android Developer Tools

Uncheck Show only latest versions

Click finish...

Restart eclipse .

Go to Help -> Check for updates. Complete all the updates

Then go to Window -> Android SDK Manager

You'll find all available versions..

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Deepzz: You have confused me. As I mentioned, I do not have eclipsed installed yet. Do you mean to say that I can't get the list of new SDKs without eclipse? – pradeeptp Jan 5 '13 at 6:29
@pradeeptp sorry i thought u've already installed eclipse :P Download eclipse and check this.. – Deepzz Jan 5 '13 at 6:36
@pradeeptp : actually i dont knw about that.. Hope u have solved that problem now.. – Deepzz Jan 9 '13 at 6:42
Worked for me, but its pretty awful that the packages aren't there without having to jump through hoops with Eclipse. – cimmanon Apr 22 '13 at 14:49

If some API levels are not listed in Android SDK Manager (API 14 for example) try to check Obsolete check box on the bottom of the Android SDK manager window.

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