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I am trying to learn Objective C for OS X and iOS applications as an independent study for my high school and I find myself a bit stuck. I completed a course on Objective C on lynda.com, and I feel confident with the fundamentals of the language; however, when it comes to creating actual OS X apps in X Code I am pretty lost. I tried following along with Apple's "Start Developing Mac Apps Today" Program, but after a brief and simple tutorial on how to make a specific 1-view application, they pretty much assume that you can build your own apps and delve into much more complex things. I also tried following along with a tutorial here: http://www.raywenderlich.com/17811/how-to-make-a-simple-mac-app-on-os-x-10-7-tutorial-part-13. This one left me with even more questions than when I started as many of the aspects weren't explained very well (why create a new view controller rather than using MainMenu.xib and AppDelegate like Apple did in their basic tutorial?)

I understand from these two tutorials how to integrate simple UI elements such as buttons, text fields and tables into a single-view app, but I am having a hard time understanding some of the more complex aspects of design such as view controllers, how to use multiple views, what exactly is the app delegate and how do I use it vs. the .h and .m files of a new view controller, etc. What can I do/read/watch that will explain these aspects from the ground up in a very simple way so that I can use them in my own apps, rather than just in specific examples such as these tutorials show? I read somewhere that the book Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass was helpful, but the reviews on Amazon seem to say that it lacks explanation for many things such as this as well. Thank you and please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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why create a new view controller rather than using MainMenu.xib and AppDelegate like Apple did in their basic tutorial?

Its a design pattern, that most of us follow, it makes you arrange differnt views easily. and keep on loading on a single main xib. You have to deal only with one xib file and multiple windows, rather than many xibs.

And just start developing applications in a slow but steady pace. Every day you will come up with a problem and then you will get an easier solution.

Even after 4 years of cocoa experince, I am still learning. I am still a drop in the Cocoa Sea. Yesterday someone asked to solve a mathematical expression. I coded 60 odd lines and when I tried to post in SO, I saw someone already posted the answer that was just 3 lines.

So Never panic, don leave just code..code..research...learn and you will be a good cocoa developer.

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your question is too broad to the answerable correctly.
I just know one very generic advice to give to you: Motivate yourself for small steps. Think of all you learnt before and than start to work on a app, that uses all of that and a little bit more. Something you know that you will have to investigate that. and with each project raise that bar.

and relax, take it slowly. norvig.com/21-days.html

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You need to take it slowly, some people quickly pick it up and others don't. The problem you are actually facing is applying the logic, applying what you have learnt to create an app. I'll show you a book called Programming In Objective-C 2.0, its great! It will teach you Objective-C fundamentals substantially well, but make a sneaky and clever transition into Cocoa and Xcode and development. Its really great, Im not sure if courses are great, honestly I found courses to be hard to follow and not great, especially since you can't rewind or look back or reread as much as you can with books. That is why I suggest you start from scratch. After that I would move onto The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, skip the Objective-C part and move onto learning all the APIs you can! Then as soon as you get an app idea, wander around the docs, go into the internet, learn more, divulge, practice. Thats the best way to learn how to apply the logic.



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