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I wrote a code that would split up content from a string, check if the content has quotation mark as first character, and then combining them back into two strings: one that starts with quotation marks and one that don't. I have the following code but when I run it, it doesn't seem to detect quotation mark.

NSArray *detailTextLabelContentArray = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"Some",@"Good",@"Stuff",@"\"Lazy\"", nil];
for (NSInteger index = 0; [detailTextLabelContentArray count] > index; index++)
    if ([[detailTextLabelContentArray objectAtIndex:index] substringToIndex:1] != @"\"")
        if (index == 0)
            detailTextLabelContent = [[detailTextLabelContentArray objectAtIndex:index] substringToIndex:1];
            detailTextLabelContent = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@; %@",detailTextLabelContent,detailTextLabelContent = [[detailTextLabelContentArray objectAtIndex:index] substringToIndex:1]];

Am I doing something wrong here?

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Don't use != or any other equality operators to compare NSStrings. Use -[NSString isEqualToString:] instead:

![[[detailTextLabelContentArray objectAtIndex:index] substringToIndex:1] isEqualToString:@"\""]

The equality operators compare only pointer equality, not object equality.

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 NSString *str=@"\"hello";
 NSRange range={0,1};
[[str substringWithRange:range] isEqualToString:@"\""];
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