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Suppose a class defines an implicit function that converts an integer to a String:

class Dollar() {
  implicit def currency(num: Int): String = "$" + num.toString

  def apply(body: => Unit) {

and we also have a function that prints a number transformed by the implicit function:

def printAmount(num: Int)(implicit currency: Int => String) {

then we can call the method printAmount() in the constructor of the class Dollar:

val dollar = new Dollar {
  printAmount(32) // prints "$32"

However, if we want to provide the implicit function for a code block, a compilation error occurs because the implicit value does not applied:

dollar {
  printAmount(14) // Error: No implicit view available from Int => String

As I know, Groovy has a keyword use for the case like this. Is there any way to provide implicit functions for a certain code block in Scala?

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You can change dollar such that it takes a function from a conversion function to Unit.

dollar(f:(Int => String) => Unit) = {

Then you can use dollar like this:

dollar ( implicit conversion => {
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Good, thanks. Is there any way to reduce implicit conversion =>? It feels a bit verbose for me. new Dollar { printAmount(32) } is quite concise already. – pocorall Jan 5 '13 at 7:15
No, there isn't, and there shouldn't be. Otherwise you'd never know which implicits you have in scope. – Kim Stebel Jan 5 '13 at 7:17

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