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I have a GridView consist of multiple columns. The last column has a button on click of which it shows a Crystal-Report in next page. I want to show the Crystal-Report in same page inside a panel. How to do that

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you can use jQuery dialog for showing the chart. On button click open the box and add the page in it which contains the chart. On close you will be on the same page. – Dev Jan 8 '13 at 9:27
Can you share the code that you have so far? – Ryan Gates Jan 14 '13 at 17:48
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One of the possible way to go is to use iframe. The HTML iframe Element represents a nested browsing context, effectively embedding another HTML page into the current page.

So iframe element can be placed inside panel you need and can display (load) content of page with Crystal-Report. Basically what u need to do is put the crystal report on another page and have the IFrame render that page as its source.

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