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  • I wrote an app in C# that registers windows hotkeys (it takes a screenshot when I press PRINTSCREEN)
  • My code to register the hotkey, capture screen , etc all works. No issues there.


  • IF my app is running (and successfully has registered the hotkey) and then I do something that causes a UAC prompt - usually this is caused when, for example, I launch some setup program - then the hotkey is lost. Lost = afterwards when I hit printscreen the event never comes back to my app. I have to close the app and restart.


  • Why is the hotkey lost?
  • What can and should I be doing different differently when registering the hotkey?


  • I've seen this behavior with other applications that register hotkeys - running the app with the hotkey using admin privileges prevents the hotkey from being lost
  • What can and should I be doing different differently when registering the hotkey?
  • Avoiding apps like setup.exes that cause the UAC prompt is not a viable solution - the entire purpose of my taking screenshots is to document a setup experience over a number of applications
  • I have a workaround in that I can launch the app with admin rights - but I would rather avoid having to do make users do that


My code is very similar to this:

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Given that Print Screen already takes a screenshot and puts it on the clipboard, have you considered monitoring the clipboard for changes instead?

Look at the SetClipboardViewer API function. For example.

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I agree. I’ve made an entire app that's based on clipboard monitoring (though not for images) and it works wonderfully. – Allon Guralnek Sep 17 '09 at 9:09

When you do something that may cause an UAC - why not unregister the hotkey first and then register it again afterwards?

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That specific techqinue will work if my app is causing the UAC. My app is not the source of the the UAC prompt - so there is no way for my to unregister the hotkey just before the UAC prompt appears. A user is launching my app and may be taking screenshots of any application - some of them will cause a UAC prompt - it can't predict this programmtically. Perhaps a related technique I could try is to detect if a UAC prompt has occured since my app started and then unregister/register the hotkey. – namenlos Sep 14 '09 at 5:05
You should be able to detect a UAC dialog with a CBT-Hook, I guess - if you can't find a more direct way. Another approach could be just to keep registering your hotkey on a timer. Indeed ugly - but if it works... – Dan Byström Sep 14 '09 at 8:37

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