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I would like to forward a domain to a particular subdomain ( -->

I have a Rails app that has a couple of subdomains. I'm using constraints to manage the subdomain routes like this:


constraints :subdomain => "blog1" do
  root :to => "blog1#index"

constraints :subdomain => "blog2" do
  root :to => "blog2#index"

I've set up Heroku with a domain like and added a wildcard domain through Heroku. The subdomains work great. I can get without any issue.

I also added a cname (alias with from --> and added as a domain on heroku. But doesn't catch the subdomain route. Any suggestions to get the domain to respond?

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i am not a dns expert, but i guess that you actually need to redirect in order for that to work.

otherwise you reach one domain through the other, but this is transparent for the server and the server is what matters in your case.

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I don't think a redirect would work. With a redirect the url would show the subdomain. I would like to use the primary domain ( as the domain, but have it display the content from Similar to how tumblr uses custom domains. – Scott Jan 10 '13 at 3:16

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