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I am using this code in Titanium SDK 3.0.0.GA when I click on any button (left_btn or right_btn) once the eventListener(scrollView.addEventListener('scroll',function(){});) is called multiple times.

How can I fix this issue?

right_btn.addEventListener('singletap', function() {
       scrollView.scrollToView(scrollView.currentPage + 1);

left_btn.addEventListener('singletap', function() {
    scrollView.scrollToView(scrollView.currentPage - 1);

scrollView.addEventListener('scroll', function() {
        alert("scroll view");

Please, help me! Thanks in Advance.

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You can use removeEventListener to remove event after doing what you want in event function.

function scrollEvent() {
    alert('scroll view');
    scrollView.removeEventListener('scroll', this);

scrollView.addEventListener('scroll', scrollEvent);

Or declare a temporary boolean variable to determine if event is already fired.

var fired = false;
scrollView.addEventListener('scroll', function() {
    if (!fired) {
        alert('scroll view');
        fired = true;
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thanks, Second one is best for me .... –  MRT Jan 7 '13 at 6:47

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