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I have a build forge job that executes a bat file and intake password as a paramter. If i declare this paramter variable as normal text it works fine. But when I declare password as "Assing Hidden" it doesnt work and throws out error as meniotned below.

Any help is appreciated. Command I am executing

call MpToSbx.bat SF %account% %password% %REL_NUM% %Track%

Condition 1. Works fine if password is delcared as regular text. 2. When password assigned as hidden it throws out error as below.I feels the command is not iterated correctly some how.

Error Message: The system cannot find the path specified. EXEC 'MpToSbx.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, EXEC operable program or batch file.

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The most probable cause of this error is that %password% is taken as a single word inside MpToSbx.bat file. To solve this error, first edit that file and change %2 by %~2 (to eliminate quotes in the parameter) and then enclose the password between quotes in the call; for example:

call MpToSbx.bat SF %account% "%password%" %REL_NUM% %Track%
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Hi ,I tried the same as mentioned by you but still getting the same error.This is one comment what I have inside the bat file – techrawther Jan 7 '13 at 9:52

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