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I'm making a gomoku artificial intelligence and I was wondering myself wich was the best optimized thing to do to have my table available in all my functions. This table is under the form of a char map[MAPSIZE][MAPSIZE]. In my algorithm I a lot of read access to this table.

Is it faster to access this map if it's passed as:

  • An argument in all my functions.
  • A member of my algorithm class.
  • A global variable.
  • An argument to function but as a pointer.

In a near future I will have to make a lot of copies of this table to implement a search tree.

Thanks for your time,

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If it makes sense for it to be a class member - make it a class member. This is a design decision that shouldn't be made out of optimization considerations (at least not yet, you can later, after measuring, trade-off design for performance if you think it's worth it).

The alternative is passing it by reference (or pointer, but reference is more C++-ish).

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Exactly the answer I was going to give. Thinking about optimization first of all is premature optimization. Write sensible code - code that makes sense, from an OO point of view. –  Daniel Daranas Jan 5 '13 at 11:19

Is it faster to access this map if it's passed as: ...

Different methods do incur different runtime costs. However, the difference is almost certainly irrelevant unless you do something grossly inefficient (e.g. unnecessarily copy the entire table in each method).

I suggest you design this with correctness and clarity in mind, and worry about optimizations later.

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