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I have a class which downloads information from a website. I'm using the AsyncTask at the moment to get it, so the ui will stay responsive.

I understand how to update the GUI using the publishProgress and onProgessUpdate, but what if I have a big method (or function) within a different class?

It is easier to show with the code:

protected ArrayList<Card> doInBackground(Void... voids)
    publishProgress("Creating object");
    SomeClass someClass = new SomeClass();
    publishProgress("Performing a long operation");
    ArrayList<Card> = someClass.getCards();//This method takes a long while. I would like to call the "publishProgress" method from the "someClass".

    return athopGetter.getCards();
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You can pass the task reference to 'someClass', since publishProgress is protected final, you need to implement your own publish method, which simply invoke publishProgress,

task = new AsyncTask<...>() {
   public void myPublish(Progress... values) {

or you can use reflection to invoke publishProgress directly.

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Thank you. That's exactly what I was looking for –  Vlad Spreys Jan 5 '13 at 12:43

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