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I want to store objects in a List and have therefore created a class with 3 properties; prop1. prop2 and prop3.

To add a new Item to my List I'm using for example

_st.Add(new Bld(100,20,"Test1");
_st.Add(new Bld(101,20,"Test2");
_st.Add(new Bld(102,54,"Test3");

Now: How can I search the list to get the index of an Item that contains myObj.prop2 = 20 AND myObj.prop3="Test1"?

I've tried something like

_st.Where(tk => tk.prop1 == 1000 AND tk.Title == "Test1");

but this obviously doesn't work.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

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You should use the FindIndex method, and use && instead of AND

_st.FindIndex(tk => tk.prop1 == 1000 && tk.Title == "Test1");
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" get the index of an Item" –  Tim Schmelter Jan 5 '13 at 12:01
modified it , thx for that –  Willem D'haeseleer Jan 5 '13 at 12:03

To get the index of an Item Use FindIndex method e.g.

_st.FindIndex(tk => tk.prop1 == 1000 && tk.Title == "Test1")

Hope this will help !!

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SQL operators need not apply:

_st.Where(tk => tk.prop1 == 1000 && tk.Title == "Test1");
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You have to try this: FindIndex Method

int index = _st.FindIndex(tk => tk.prop1 == 1000 && tk.Title == "Test1");


int index1 = _st.Select((tk, index) => new { _st = tk, Index = index })
          .FirstOrDefault(tk => tk._st.prop1 == 1000 && tk._st.Name_ar == "Test1")
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