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Is there a way in Illustrator or in CorelDraw to stroke multiple shapes and keep the current distance between them? Or to stroke them without making them bigger?

I have a map with a lot of shapes and I have to stroke them all, but since the stroking is 50:50 and the shapes are very close to each other I will have to reposition all of them (and this means repostioning of more than 150 shapes, I do not know the exact count; the trickiest part is that since they represent a map they have so many edges that have to fit -repositioning them one by one will be a nightmare).

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If your shapes are closed paths, you can align a stroke to the inside. More information on the adobe help page.

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CorelDraw script:

Sub BoxInset()
Optimization = True
Set d = ActiveDocument
d.BeginCommandGroup "Box Inset"
For Each sl In ActiveSelection.Shapes
    With sl
        ow# = .Outline.Width
        .GetSize x#, y#
        .SetSize x - ow, y - ow
        .Move ow / 2, -ow / 2
    End With
d.EndCommandGroup: Optimization = False: ActiveWindow.Refresh
End Sub
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