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I am uploading a .worker file to ironworker. The worker's code requires (with the require command) other php files. Do I need to upload them too to ironworker?

In other words, do I need to add something else to the .worker file and how:

# define the runtime language
runtime "php"
# exec is the file that will be executed:
exec "hello.php"

WHERE: hello.php would contain this statement:

require_once 'bye.php';
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Yes. IronWorker runs on's servers, so all dependencies need to be uploaded.

You can do this in the worker file by using the dir and file commands:

dir 'path/to/dir'
file 'path/to/file.php'

Dir will include entire directories, file will include only a single file. You can find out more information on the .worker reference page.

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