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I'm having some issues with NSPathControl and Auto Layout.

I want the path control to resize with the window. Which means, if I expand the width of the window, the NSPathControl should expand too. This works.

Now the problem is, that if I change the URL of the path control to a longer URL, the path control expands automatically. I don't want that. I want the path control width to stay the same, except when the user resizes the window.

I tried pinning the width it, but then I can't resize the window at all...

Also, when I don't pin the window of the path control, I can't make it smaller than the actual content of the sub controls, which represent the URL.

Hope that makes sense.

How can I fix this?

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Sorry, I guess I asked to fast.
I got it working like this:

NSPathControl subclass

- (NSSize)intrinsicContentSize {
    return NSMakeSize(NSViewNoInstrinsicMetric, NSViewNoInstrinsicMetric);
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No need for subclassing. You can tell your view how much to resist compression. By default the priority is set to NSLayoutPriorityDefaultHigh. You are probably looking for NSLayoutPriorityDragThatCannotResizeWindow. You can set this in your XIB in the Size Inspector for the control or take a look at NSView's setContentCompressionResistancePriority:forOrientation:.

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