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I was trying to develop courseware using Adobe Flash CS5.5. My courseware has several lesson and each lesson developed in individual flash (.swf) file. I've added Next & Previous button to load next and previous lesson. But, this thing only work if I set Publish Preview as HTML. Here is the code I've used:

function gotoChap1(event:MouseEvent):void {
    navigateToURL(new URLRequest ("chap1.html"),("_self"));

chap1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK , gotoChap1);

now, how can I load .swf (or another lesson) file by clicking Next/Previous button when the Publish Preview is set to Flash? I googled it, but no luck! thank you!

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You need to use a Loader instead of the navigateToURL function. You can create a Main movie to load each external swf and add in the main stage when the download complete.

Use the following code to automate the process:

import flash.display.Loader;
import flash.events.Event;
import flash.events.MouseEvent;

// Vars
var currentMovieIndex:uint = 0;
var currentMovie:Loader;
// Put your movies here
var swfList:Array = ["swf1.swf", "swf2.swf", "swf3.swf"];

// Add the event listener to the next and previous button
previousButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadPrevious);
nextButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadNext);

// Loads a swf at secified index
function loadMovieAtIndex (index:uint) {

    // Unloads the current movie if exist
    if (currentMovie) {

    // Updates the index
    currentMovieIndex = index;

    // Creates the new loader
    var loader:Loader = new Loader();
    // Loads the external swf file
    loader.load(new URLRequest(swfList[currentMovieIndex]));

    // Save he movie reference 
    currentMovie = loader;

    // Add on the stage

// Handles the previous button click
function loadPrevious (event:MouseEvent) {
    if (currentMovieIndex) { // Fix the limit
        currentMovieIndex--; // Decrement by 1

// Handles the next button click
function loadNext (event:MouseEvent) {
    if (currentMovieIndex < swfList.length-1) { // Fix the limit
        currentMovieIndex++; // Increment by 1

// Load the movie at index 0 by default

Dowload the demo files here: http://cl.ly/Lxj3

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