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I have to create a simple project (Website + Mobile)

I will create a website in ASP .NET MVC 4 technology. On Mobile I will use Windows Phone technology. I will use Windows Azure SQL to storage data.

No I have problem with communications between Website, Mobile and Data.

1) Is good practice to create WCF on Azure and get data by this servie?

2) In future can I have acces to WCF from android platform?

3) Where I can put photos uploaded by users? in Azure?

4) Can I use diffrent technology(not Azure) to stroage data and easy communication from .NET?

5) What are You think about Azure Mobile Service? It will be good for this project?

Thanks for answers.

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  1. I would leverage ASP.NET 4.5 WebAPI inside your MVC Web App instead of a WCF service to provide data to your mobile apps.
  2. With the WebAPI you can provide REST like access to data for all your Mobile Apps
  3. If you are using Azure, then I'd recommend storing your images in Azure BLOBs with CDN capability enabled for the BLOB for efficient delivery. Store URLs and other image data in SQL
  4. Sure, but Azure Storage is very affordable
  5. Azure Mobile services are optimized for Windows devices - use them if you need authentication or push notification
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