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It should look like this table: table image

The reason that I asking for your help is that I tried to find how to merge headers, but the answers are not very useful for me:

  1. I used grid to add header, and then bind position of labels in order to columns widths BUT when I tried to horizontal scrolling (i have a lot of columns, as you can see) my "superheaders" were still on the same positions. Then I tried to make same task, but put superheader with datagrid in ScrollView. Result was good, but

  2. If I add some groups to row headers and need to have vertical scrollbar - my column header with superheader would not be visible enough.

  3. Using DataGridTemplateColumn isn't a good idea for me too. That`s because I need my cells to be "selectable", but when I use this kind of column all my subcolumns are selected together.

So my question is: How to make such kind of tables, or can anybody give me a link to free table tool that allows to make merging header easier.

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Solved by adding LayoutUpdated event, that change row headers position in order to vertical scroll of datagrid

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Moreover, diagram that i'm looking for called "gantt chart" –  Михаил Кузнецов Jan 13 '13 at 12:22

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