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I'm returning a promise from a function like this:

resultPromise =, '/api/Opportunity/Save', opportunity.dirtyFlag).then(function () {

                self.checklist.saveChecklist(opportunity).then(function () {

           ... etc.
return resultPromise;

Let's say the above function is called save.

In the calling function I want to do wait for the entire chain to complete and then do something. My code there looks like this:

var savePromise =;
savePromise.then(function() {

The result is that 'aftersave' is send to the console while the chain of promises is still running.

How can I do something after the whole chain is complete?

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Instead of nesting the promises, chain them.

resultPromise =, '/api/Opportunity/Save', opportunity.dirtyFlag).then(function () {

                    return self.checklist.saveChecklist(opportunity);
                }).then(function () {

                }).then(function () {
                    // etc

// return a promise which completes when the entire chain completes
return resultPromise;
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what if there's a conditional in there? Wouldn't you need the deferred object? –  FlavorScape Jan 28 at 0:13

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