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I'm trying to traverse a JSON array to reach the URL for size:large. The #text attribute has me confused as I can't include it in my dot notation. I can get to the size=large with this:


but json.track.album.image[2].#text won't work.

Here is a snippet of the JSON data:

{"track":{"id":"1019817","name":"Believe","mbid":"13194c93-89c6-4ab4-aaf2-     15db5d73b74e","url":"http:\/\/\/music\/Cher\/_\/Believe","duration":"222000","streamable":{"#text":"1","fulltrack":"0"},"listeners":"287271","playcount":"1206650","artist":{"name":"Cher","mbid":"bfcc6d75-a6a5-4bc6-8282-47aec8531818","url":"http:\/\/\/music\/Cher"},"album":{"artist":"Cher","title":"The Very Best of Cher","mbid":"5df00011-6e57-4837-99ae-61f398481db5","url":"http:\/\/\/music\/Cher\/The+Very+Best+of+Cher","image":[{"#text":"http:\/\/\/serve\/64s\/71997588.png","size":"small"},{"#text":"http:\/\/\/serve\/126\/71997588.png","size":"medium"},{"#text":"http:\/\/\/serve\/174s\/71997588.png","size":"large"},{"#text":"http:\/\/\/serve\/300x300\/71997588.png","size":"extralarge"}],
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Because of the leading #, you have to use the [] syntax instead:


This allows you to specify the key as a string, so special characters are permitted.

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Thanks James. like everything JS the answer is always simple but getting there... – hillcreative Jan 5 '13 at 16:26

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