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I am trying to get all facebook friends feed using the API. I want to retrieve 500 posts / user;

I want to know what is the best and efficient way to retrieve all those friends feeds.
I have tried until now to do the following:

  • Get 10 friends, iterate trough each of them, and for each of them call the graph api and get the feed limited to 500 posts ( very long processing time ); Then, save the friends offset into database, and on next refresh do the same thing for the following 10 friends and so forth until all friends were crawled
  • Do a cron job that will trigger a function that will do the things mentioned above every 5 minutes, for each user in the databas. But that means, iterate trough each user in the database, get 10 friends... etc. That will exceed the PHP.INI's max_execution_time(); setting that is stucked at 30 Seconds ( my hosting provider won't let me change that ')
  • Do a Graph query that will get ALL friends, and iterance once trough them, and get all the feed for each of them, but this, again exceeds the max_execution_time() and it is useless.

    It seems that all the tries mentioned above do TO much API calls.

What is the best way to do that faster, less resource costing and with less API calls?

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Try to think about this from the end user perspective: who is going to watch this information and how? does it make sense in the context of your application to pull the information in a lazy way only when required? – davidrac Jan 5 '13 at 16:39
@davidrac the application pulls certain information from user feeds and it is stored into the database. The app users access the database that has to be populated constantly. That's why I need to take out the feeds constantly and update the database. I just want to know what method will be the fastest and the best, with less api calls – roshkattu Jan 5 '13 at 16:42
In that case I would go for the cron job approach. If you have a limitation on the execution time maybe you can divide it into several jobs and only update a constant fraction of the data each time (e.g. only update 10 friends, or whatever fits into 30 seconds), always update the oldest entries first. – davidrac Jan 5 '13 at 16:49

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