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I've created a web application using asp.net. I customized it form mobile(jQuery Mobile) . I created an iphone application that has a web view that shows the website.

Is this will be applied by Apple to publish this application???

Regards, Moayyad

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If the only purpose of the app is showing the webview with the website, and it does absolutely nothing else, then it will most likely be rejected. However, if showing the website is just a small part of its functionality, and it does some other useful things as well, then using a webview for displaying your own website is OK, as far as I know.

Note, however, that I/we can only make assumptions and guesses. Nobody except Apple knows what exactly will happen to your app - there are numerous cases when an app was rejected for a feature which another approved app had, so there are inconsistencies in the AppStore approval policy of Apple. Don't expect anything.

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I don't think so. They prefer use of HTML5 in webapp. Try to review the Apple guidelines for building web app.

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but my application need to read from DB in my website. –  user1891363 Jan 5 '13 at 17:32

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