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Dear friends my php array is like this:

$data = array( array("daisy", 0.75 ),
           array("orchid", 1.15) 

and I want to convert this array into javascript array like this

data = [{"label":"rose", "value":1.25}, 
        {"label":"daisy", "value":0.75}, 
        {"label":"orchid", "value":1.15}]

Please help me on how to convert this.

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you cant, because there is no rose for 1.25 in your array. If there was you could use json_encode which you would have easily found out by bothering to search. –  Gordon Jan 5 '13 at 16:54
It's an exemple :) And json_encode will not achieve what he want. –  Julien Lafont Jan 5 '13 at 16:55

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It's easy to do with a map.

$data = array( array("daisy", 0.75 ), array("orchid", 1.15));

$tab = array_map(function($e) { 
  return array("label" => $e[0], "value" => $e[1]); 
}, $data);

$json = json_encode($tab);
echo $json;
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Just make an array in PHP and then use function json_encode to convert it to JSON.

$result = array();
foreach ($data as $item) {
    $result[] = array('label' => $item[0], 'value' => $item[1]);
data = <?php echo json_encode($result); ?>;
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You can use json library in php, to convert this use the following code

echo json_encode($data); //this will print it as json(javascript object format), which can be further parsed in javascript to create a js object

Hope this helps

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