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Is it possible to have NOT be the webserver?

I want to use an external webserver, and for that to work I need /

Is there an alternative to copying[1] that, because I don't want to use any crazy proxying, etc. This should be plug and play, so I can grab the file, and move it to another server and have it work there (kind-of like what Websockets is supposed to be like).

[1] = I can sniff the file and make a copy, but this seems hacky and dirty. I want something clean and elegant.

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This is just a duplicate of How to use to communicate with another server when the actual page is being served by a localhost server?

You need to have <script src="http://my.url:port/"></script> instead of <script src="/"></script> to make it work.

Thanks to Linus G. Theil for the answer.

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