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I am creating a very basic IDE for wxpython and python, and at the moment I have a big wx.textctrl.I am typing my code into, I heard it wasn't a good practice and I'm better off using the wx.Stc.StyledTextControl from the scintilla library.

How would I implement this styled text control with a size and syntax highlighting?? Can someone please lead me in the right direction, the documentation is very poor.


The code thus far: http://pastebin.com/VvxspyjX

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The Scintilla component is the only rational choice for an editor, but yes, it lacks a proper documentation. The best source/reference is certainly this page.

The API documentation and the wiki are useful sources too. The wxPython docs and demos also contain exemples using the control.

Finally, note that wxStyledTextCtrl is a (thin) wrapper around the (fat) Scintilla API, so the latter can be used as a reference too.

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