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Hi there I hope I made sense, I'm working on an assignment, but I can.t remember how to sort of escape a line of code, so the code I need is seen as code? If that makes sense.

I have this section:

<input type="text" name="firstSeat" id="firstSeat" readonly="readonly" style="border: solid; background-color: #374B5C; color: #fff; width:30px;"/>

So that box has the ID firstSeat, and I want to populate it with an ID like A01, using this code;

EDIT I'm having trouble pasting my code in here, some of it doesn't show up, so I hope these are OK.

Code is here too

So you can see on line 10 and 13, there is this code:

<%Do While Not thrus.EOF
 dim seatID
 bookedcheck="SELECT * FROM booking WHERE boo_PerID = " & request("per_ID") &" AND booking.boo_seaID = "& seatID&""
 booked.Open bookedcheck, conx, adOpenkeyset, AdLockOptimistic
 if (thrus("sea_Reference") = "B01") OR  (thrus("sea_Reference") = "C01") OR  (thrus("sea_Reference") = "D01") OR  (thrus("sea_Reference") = "E01")OR  (thrus("sea_Reference") = "F01")OR  (thrus("sea_Reference") = "G01")Then
    Response.write "<br />"
 end if
 if not booked.EOF then
    response.write("<href='#"&thrus("sea_Reference")&"'><img src='images/booked.gif' border='0' title='"&thrus("sea_Reference")&", SEAT BOOKED' onclick='document.getElementById('firstSeat').value='"&thrus("sea_Reference")&"';' /></>")
    response.write("<a href='#"&thrus("sea_Reference")&"'><img src='images/"&thrus("sea_ICON")&"' border='0' title='"&thrus("sea_Reference")&", &pound;120,  45 degree left seating icon facing stage' onclick='document.getElementById('firstSeat').value='"&thrus("sea_Reference")&"';' /></a>")

end if%>

So whats supposed to happen is onclick it pushes sea_reference, to firstSeat and passes it to that box up there. But when I click it it doesn't send it.

I believe its because of this :

The onclick is seen as the same information as most of the code on that line.

I think I need to "escape" so that the onclick command is seen.

If anyone can help, or indeed help me to get my code in here! that would be great, thanks.

Update If it helps to see the page;

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Can you provide a JsFiddle? – user752723 Jan 5 '13 at 17:55
@DumbProducts Ive never fiddled before, do you just want the code on this website instead? – Kieronboz Jan 5 '13 at 17:58
It's easy. Just use – user752723 Jan 5 '13 at 18:00
Is there a particular reason you don't bind the event handler in javascript? It's cleaner and you wouldn't need to worry about any escaping. – jbabey Jan 5 '13 at 18:11
@DumbProducts Sorry pasting all my code in there didnt really do anything- im not great at this. lol – Kieronboz Jan 5 '13 at 18:29

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I feel like your code is using the wrong quotations causing breaks, using single quotes denotes a string literal; in your code when using those single quotes you are effectively closing the literal and starting another after firstSeat by putting them in there to pass your parameter. Use double-quotes.

This is a half-assed answer but maybe this will help.

Replace what you have with this and see if that gets you somewhere.


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Hi, I have tried to add your fix into my code, but I am so messed up in quotes and double quotes im not sure what is neccessary anymore at the end "onclick='document.getElementById('firstSeat').value='"&thrus("sea_Reference")&"‌​';' /></>")" – Kieronboz Jan 5 '13 at 18:30
I was mobile, I'm sorry I don't think I fully grasped what you were asking. Disregard my solution. – John Gerdsen Jan 5 '13 at 20:58

To change your element id,all you have to do is this:


also to change the element value use:


as the id attribute has changed before you should use the new id to reference.

if you have a function that returns data as id or value as a string,you don't have to wrap it with double or single quotes.just hold the value in a variable and do the formatting you like on the variable, then assign it to the property(in JS).or if you are at the server-side, concatenate the variable to the string you want to print.(in a server-side language)

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Hi, sorry, if i was better at this im sure i would be able to understand what youve done here- im new :P Perhaps seeing the page will allow me to explain better;… but sea_reference is different for every onclick, so i cant see why i would put it in the getelementbyid, thanks! – Kieronboz Jan 5 '13 at 18:32

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