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I've been having some frustrating issues with a game I'm developing, because I just decided to upload a developed part to a server for show to my friends, and results that I have loads errors sometimes, this is the situation:

1 - I have a resources.js file that loads all the game resources at the first time with a progress bar. 2 - In the same file I adapt the game sound depending of the browser (mp3 / ogg). 3 - I use a big try / catch for handle exceptions in case that loads throws errors.

I have more troubles with the ogg format because it looks like is more "heavy" to handle by browsers (especially in Chrome), but when you load the game the second time (refreshing) or various times it is more faster and works (obviously because of the cached files), but I want something more easy to work out due that I will not tell to the users "Please refresh the game if it doesn't loads", (Well that is actually what my exception throws lol)".

Now, I've been thinking in something too:

Does servers has a max https request time / download - size? because the errors that throws the javascript console is "Failed to load resource http://domain.com/blahblahblah.ogg"? (and they exist) and my game's size is of 12 mb, and other thing is when I directly go to the sound file itself it gives me the error too! (especially the big ones)

My ogg files are in a size range of: 12 kb - 1 mb max, and probably slow connections are the ones with this issues (mine is of 1 mb).

So I want to see if there's is any solution or someone who had developed a HTML5 game wants to give me a suggestion, by the way if you want to play the game this is it:


Thank's for reading!

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PD: My game runs fine on localhost. –  Neo Jan 5 '13 at 18:05
Mhmmm weird, can you try with a proxy please? –  Neo Jan 5 '13 at 18:08
It might be a timeout on your server, I am running 75mbps fiber coax here, first load was about 2 seconds or so and works fine. (Although the game doesn't actually respond to clicks it loads) –  user1931103 Jan 5 '13 at 18:10
The Game worked fine for me on first load. I haven't checked your asset loader or anything yet, though. The issue does sound like it might also be your server not being able to respond (so it sends a 40X or 50X error). It's obvious that your URLs are pointing to the correct places, so really, it comes down to a flakey content-loading script, or a server that isn't serving things well, or perhaps some MIMEType issues on your server (again, less likely). –  Norguard Jan 5 '13 at 18:17
I clicked the left option, a game started showing the guy, a cross hair, a little map and some other stuff. Pointing the cross hair somewhere and clicking does nothing (I was assuming the guy would move or shoot or something) –  user1931103 Jan 5 '13 at 18:27

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