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There is a section called "Appendix A: Event ID Codes" at the end of the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 JAVASCRIPT SCRIPTING REFERENCE.

Is there something similar but not just for events? For example, I'm using the ScriptListener to learn how to do some selection stuff, and I got code that called charIDToTypeID( "T " ) (three spaces after the T). That's not an event and it can't be found on the reference I linked to.

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this resource might be of help:

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This is a collection of tools that will help you dealing with ActionManager, EventCodes...

The Script on "JSON ID Lister" will help you print out all ids of your ps version. Take a closer look at the webside, because there is a lot of usefull stuff.

There are actually two "ID listers" available on : "JSON ID Lister" is an automation plugin, for Mac OS X only. "List Internal IDs" is a platform-independent script written in JavaScript, giving similar results but far slower than the plug-in. Hopefully, you'll just run it once and use its resulting text file later on...

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