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Twitter Bootstrap's Affix component lists a method called "refresh" which does not exist. I would imagine that this method would unbind (e.g.'') ) and the re-calculate the offsets (e.g. offset-top) given that a page may have been resized, DOM elements may have been added, removed, etc.

Since this method does not exist I'm curious if someone has found a work-around for "refreshing" all current affix elements on a page.

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what do you mean by refresh doesn't exist? – charlietfl Jan 5 '13 at 19:33

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You can do it like this:

$('[data-spy=affix]').each(function () { $(this).data('affix').checkPosition(); });
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So you are using either data spy or the javascript described method on, and using the .affix('refresh') method and you have set the CSS to specify what happens to your divs when they are affixed?

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I believe it is $('#element').affix('checkPosition') for bootstrap 3.1.x.

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