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Observing a Change to ANY Class Property in Objective-C

I have a object currentUser which contains ints and const char*s and I am trying to implement a logout system. When the logout button is pressed, I want to be able to check if I have made any changes to the object and if so, I want to prompt the user to save before logging out.

In order to do so I think I need to be able to observe the changes, if any, that are made to the object. I considered KVO but I don't know how to observe the entire variable as a key path. Does anybody have any ideas on what I should do? Also if you could post some code as well that would help!

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Not sure if this fits your needs but would posting a notification to NSNotificationCenter work?

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No I would need to be able to observe the changes made ti the object as if I didn't know if there any changes made. –  MichaelScaria Jan 6 '13 at 17:43

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