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I iterate over a bunch of folders and files in the folders, doing this:

def get_files_in_directory(directory=rootDirectory):
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk(directory, topdown='true'):
        print("root %s dirs %s files %s" %(root, dirs, files));
        for file in files:
            ext = os.path.splitext(file)[-1].lower();
            if (ext == '.mod'):

When I print the file, I would like to also print the relative name of the dir that contains it.

So if I have


I just get


I don't want


which of course I can get from the dir variable

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Use os.path.relpath():

print os.path.relpath(root, directory)

where directory is the local variable name already present in your function. os.path.relpath() makes root a path relative to directory. Since you started your walk from directory that'll be myFolderB for a starting point of directory = "C:\\myfolderA"

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Use os.path.relpath(".","..") and you're done.

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>>> os.path.relpath('/myFolderA/myFolderB/myFile.MOD', '/myFolderA')
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file_path is the full path to the file.

folder_path = os.path.dirname(file_path)

folder_path is now the full path to folder containing file.

path,folder_name = os.path.split(folder_path)

folder_name is now just the name of the folder at the end of folder_path.

print folder_name
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Experiment with os.path.relpath("myFolderA\\myFile.MOD", "c:\\"). os.path.abspath might also come in handy.

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Take a look at David Beazley talk, "Generator Tricks for System Programmers".

Slides and source code from presentation can be found here.

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