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My domain:

Company {
   String name

Contact {
   String name
   Company compa

   static constraints = {
      compa (nullable: true)

I can't delete a Company if it has a foreign key constraint from a Contact. I want the delete to work and the compa attribute to be set to null on deleting a Company.

Is there a constraint that does this ? Is there a better way to do it than I am trying ?

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Give this a try, maybe there are other options. I haven't tested this code, just to give you an idea.

In Company.groovy:

 def beforeDelete() {
      Contact.withNewSession {
          Contact.findAllByCompany(this).each {
            it.company = null
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Thank you! :) It worked using a [lock: true] on findAllByCompany –  Flavian Jan 8 '13 at 16:31

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