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I need to write an update that takes a users input text (below) and and runs the updates that have working (needs to do this). I think that I need to use some type of loop or cursor. It is possible that the reference column has other text not just 'FUEL=?'. The users know that the format must be 'FUEL=?' for this update to work. I am unable to add addition columns to the table at this time. I am new at this.. thanks for all your help!!

Users Input will be the following:

Fuel Group = A, C

New Surcharge = 2

Need to do this

update tblroutes
set DriverSurcharge = 2
where Reference like '%FUEL=A%' or  Reference like '%FUEL=C%'

Table to start

RouteID | Reference | Surcharge

F01 | Windows FUEL=A | 0

F02 | FUEL=A | 0

F03 | FUEL=B | 0

F04 | Win 8 FUEL=B | 0

F05 | FUEL=C | 0

F06 | FUEL=C MAC | 0

F07 | FUEL=D | 0

End result wanted

RouteID | Reference | Surcharge

F01 | Windows FUEL=A | 2

F02 | FUEL=A | 2

F03 | FUEL=B | 0

F04 | Win 8 FUEL=B | 0

F05 | FUEL=C | 2

F06 | FUEL=C MAC | 2

F07 | FUEL=D | 0

I can get 1 'Fuel Group' to update at a time but want to give the user the ability to run the update to as many groups as they want at one time.

DECLARE @Surcharge INT
DECLARE @Group Varchar

--This will give the user a input box for surcharge amount
--SET @Surcharge= '<< Please enter surcharge amount. >>'
----This will give the user a input box for fuel group(s)
--SET @Group= '<< Please enter fuel group(s). >>'

--If the user entered 4 & A
SET @Surcharge= '4'
SET @Group= 'A'

update tblroutes
set DriverSurcharge = @Surcharge
where Reference like '%FUEL='+@Group+'%'

Now how do i handle if the user enters Fuel Group = A, C

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what exactly is your question ? the SQL update statement you posted will do what you want without using any loops. Are you asking how to do it in a programming language? and if so, which one? – Thousand Jan 5 '13 at 19:35
Need to be done in T-SQL. I need the update to happen dynamically based on user input. – NJinPHX Jan 5 '13 at 19:40
where exactly is this user going to enter this data ? in a desktop application? on a website ? a little more context would be great – Thousand Jan 5 '13 at 19:43
a desktop app. The answer is reserved as a single string for each question asked. So based on my example above Fuel Group = A, C, would be sent to sql as 'A,C' – NJinPHX Jan 5 '13 at 19:48
i think you need to ask a question about how to do CRUD operations in C# or java or something, you seem to have the SQL part down. – Thousand Jan 5 '13 at 20:03

If I understand correctly, your main problem is parsing the user input in SQL. And the parsing actually means splitting a string. As soon as you have the separate values in a temporary table or table variable, you can run your (already created) query in a loop.

Have a look at this question and answer: Split string in SQL

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