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This is my code:

#include <stdio.h>
#define N 4
#define A_INPUT "agents.txt"

typedef struct
    long id;
    char lastName[20];
    char name[20];
    char type;
    int workHours;
    long managId;
    int sell[10];
} Agents;

Agents AgArr[N]={0};

void main()
    int i,j=1;

    if(agents == NULL)
        printf("Unable to open file.\n");

    for (i=0; i<N; i++)
        fscanf(agents, "%ld", &AgArr[i].id);
        fscanf(agents, "%s", &AgArr[i].lastName);
        fscanf(agents, "%s", &AgArr[i].name);
        fscanf(agents, "%c", &AgArr[i].type);
        fscanf(agents, "%d", &AgArr[i].workHours);
        fscanf(agents, "%ld", &AgArr[i].managId);

This is the text file im reading from:

045654987 Cohen Yael P 135 302546887
024587891 Cohen Rafi F 150 -1
306354487 Gabai Shai P 112 302546887
302546887 Benzur Gadi M 130 -1

The problem is that the array is not getting all the text, I get spaces and 0. How do I scan it properly ?

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Compile with all warnings & debug info (e.g. with gcc -Wall -g on Linux) and use the debugger (gdb on Linux). –  Basile Starynkevitch Jan 5 '13 at 20:16

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You need to read carefully the documentation of fscanf(3) (and read it twice).

Then understand why you need sometimes spaces in fscanf format strings, perhaps

    if (fscanf(agents," %ld %s",&AgArr[i].id, &AgArr[i].lastName)==2) {

(actually it can be and probably should be even more; you could have a single but long fscanf call with a half-dozen of arguments, but you should test the result of fscanf).

And you should test the result of fscanf it is meaningful.

Your for loop probably should be

 for (i=0; !feof(agents) && i<10; i++)

And I believe you should name your FILE* variable with a name reminding it is some file (not a set of agents), e.g. agf or agents_file instead of agents

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