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I'm trying to make an extension that opens the downloads manager window as a sidebar or some other way, and not a new window.

  • For this, I must first stop the "Save" button, in the "Save Dialog", from opening the downloads manager as a new window.

  • And then, I must set the oncommand attribute of the button to my custom function.

What I think, could be done : (Please see the edit, instead of this)

(If I have the id of the "Save" button in the "Save dialog", I could removeAttribute("oncommand") and then setAttribute("oncommand", "some_other_function");

Though, I am extremely unclear about whether the updated attribute will last. If the Save dialog is opened by a openDialog call (INTERNALLY), a new one would appear every time.

  • Is this the right way of doing it? What then, is the id of the "Save" button? (Also, how can I know when the "Save dialog" is opened? That is when the save button would have any meaning.)
  • How else could it be done?)


I think it would be possible via XPCOM interfaces. Is there someway by which I can :

  • Know when a download/save is initiated?
  • Get access to the Save dialog that opens after the above?
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1 - I could tell when a download started using the nsiDownloadService XPCOM interface.

var observerService = Components.classes[";1"]
observerService.addObserver(this, "dl-start", false);

dl-start was the required topic id. (I could not find where dl-start is documented in MDN. Could someone point it out, please?)

2 - I just had to set the preference to false to stop Firefox from opening it's own Download Manager in a new window.

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