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I have a small problem with VS2012, I've never used it before so... Here is my problem I have a variable named age. But when I start typing if(age and then press space , VS automatically write "AggregateException" and so on for many other words.

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Plus one for Clippy –  Rob Jul 25 '14 at 14:13

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Typing a word in the wrong context will generate unexpected behaviors.

Make sure that you are typing in the right place.

public class Test
    public void Met()
        int age;

    public void Met2()
        age /* invalid scope for age */
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Hey thank you it works! –  Clippy Jan 5 '13 at 20:44

You may be interested in enabling Intellisense Suggestion Mode, see here for further information.

You can enable it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Space while in the text editor. Once you enable it, Intellisense will only auto-complete when you press the Tab key or when you double-click on an item in the list.

This allows you to type full-stops, space characters and other special characters without Intellisense getting in the way (handy for test-driven development)!

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