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Below is the code that allows the user to draw to the canvas. This works fine, the part which i have problem with is with selecting different colors with javascript so the user has more color choices

here is the code for the drawing part

window.addEventListener("load", canvasAnimate, false);

    function canvasAnimate() {
    var canvas = document.getElementById('canvas');
    context = canvas.getContext('2d');
    window.addEventListener('mousemove', MouseIsMoving, false);
    window.addEventListener('mousedown', sketchit, false);
    window.addEventListener('mouseup', dontDraw, false);


    var mouseX;
    var mouseY;
    var MouseIsDown = false // this will be used to determine if the mouse is down or not

//   e means the event, this stores the mouse events in the variable mouseX and mouseY
    function MouseIsMoving(e) {
        mouseX = e.pageX - canvas.offsetLeft; //the offset makes the coordinates fit for     the canvas box
        mouseY = e.pageY - canvas.offsetTop;
        document.getElementById('mouseCoordinates').innerHTML = 'X: ' + mouseX + ' Y: ' +     mouseY;
        if (MouseIsDown) {
            context.lineTo(mouseX, mouseY);

    function sketchit(e) {
        context.moveTo(mouseX, mouseY);
        context.lineCap = 'round'; //default lineCap and lineWidth
        context.lineWidth = 3;
        context.strokeStyle = '#000000' //default color
        MouseIsDown = true;

    function dontDraw() {
        if (MouseIsDown) {
            MouseIsDown = false;
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Is what you want the user interface to select colors? – TwiNight Jan 5 '13 at 21:16
Yes, I want the user to select different colors. – user1951771 Jan 6 '13 at 5:04

You can use <input type="color" /> to create a colorpicker, the exact appearance will depend on the implementation of the browser.


However, currently only Google Chrome and Opera supports this. Other browsers will revert to a text field where the user can manually input a hex color.
If you want a cross-browser solution, you can use this jQuery plugin or others found here.

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Two JavaScript color-picker apps:

The first covers all browsers back to IE6, and I think it is the best solution if you need to support old browsers:

The second is for modern browsers that support the canvas tag. I wrote it and call it MasterColorPicker. It offers several different color-pickers in one package. It already offers more than the standard Photoshop color-picker, and I'm working on the updated versions of all files and the overall project, and it will be all it can be...

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