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I successfully have CBCentralManager running in the background scanning for peripherals. I have the CBCentralManagerDelegate in a singleton method and have App communicates using CoreBluetooth in the .plist and like I say, it works great for hours in the background.

The problem I have, is when my app is completely killed because other apps have been used and need the memory space. If I run other apps to flush my app, then my app is no longer woken by any of the CBCentralManager delegate calls.

Is there something else I need to do to make sure my app is woken back up? Do I maybe need to have the CBCentralManager calls in the App Delegate? Should I be doing something in the App Delegate when the app is backgrounded?


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HI Darren, Could you give me some core blue tooth sample code which works in the background. I have tried a lot but it is not working in the background. –  Tendulkar Jan 15 '14 at 12:28

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What you need is the ability for your application to be launched due to a Core Blue Tooth event. Unfortunately, that isn't possible in iOS 6.0. I talked with the Apple BlueTooth engineers at WWDC 2012, and they understood the use case, and said it wasn't supported.

Perhaps they will add something in iOS 7.0.

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