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How do I bitwise shift right/left in VB.NET? Does it even have operators for this, or do I have to use some utility method?

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VB.NET has had bit shift operators (<<, >>) since 2003.

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Oh I found it, you can use the << and >> operators, and you have to specify how many bits to shift.

myFinal = myInteger << 4   ' shift LEFT by 4 bits
myFinal = myInteger >> 4   ' shift RIGHT by 4 bits

You can also use it as a unary operator...

myFinal <<= 4     ' shift myFinal LEFT by 4 bits, storing the result in myFinal
myFinal >>= 4     ' shift myFinal RIGHT by 4 bits, storing the result in myFinal
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It's right there mate, just down on the list from the link you posted!

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Yea, just found it myself! –  Jarvis Sep 13 '09 at 12:35

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