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I am trying to do node+geo-stuff to retrieve all locations from given lat,long and radius for that calculation, i am trying below stuff, but it is resulting in NaN.

similar code is working fine in php,python, but could not figure it out what i am doing wrong here.

ref :

PS 1: using nodejs for this calculation as it needs to calculate on server side. PS 2: even variable name looks like php variable, it is js.

$cat file.js

var log =console.log;
var cos=Math.cos;
var sin=Math.sin;

function rad2deg(x){ log("rad2deg:", x,180*x/Math.pi);return (180*x/Math.pi);}
function deg2rad(x){ log("deg2rad:",x,x*Math.pi/180);return (x*Math.pi/180);}

function getNearPoint($lat,$lng,$rad){

  $R = 6371;  // earth's radius, km
  // first-cut bounding box (in degrees)
  $maxLat = $lat + rad2deg($rad/$R);
  $minLat = $lat - rad2deg($rad/$R);
  // compensate for degrees lnggitude getting smaller with increasing latitude
  $maxlng = $lng + rad2deg($rad/$R/cos(deg2rad($lat)));
  $minlng = $lng - rad2deg($rad/$R/cos(deg2rad($lat)));

  // convert origin of filter circle to radians
  $lat = deg2rad($lat);
  $lng = deg2rad($lng);


//Build database query and do rest of the stuff


Here is the output.

$ node file.js

Debug1 19.1947659 72.87684
rad2deg: 0.007848061528802385 NaN
rad2deg: 0.007848061528802385 NaN
Debug2 19.1947659 72.87684
deg2rad: 19.1947659 NaN
rad2deg: NaN NaN
deg2rad: 19.1947659 NaN
rad2deg: NaN NaN
Debug3 19.1947659 72.87684
deg2rad: 19.1947659 NaN
deg2rad: 72.87684 NaN
Debug4 NaN NaN
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There is no such constant as Math.pi. You probably want to use Math.PI (uppercase) instead. :)

Math.pi is undefined and therefore will eventually just return NaN.

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oops! Thanks a ton! fixed!!! – Raxit Sheth Jan 5 '13 at 21:26

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