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During my minifilter's PostCreate, I must use a global push lock to synchronize threads by design, and I must call FltQueryInformationFile to query file size.


1, After I called FltAcquirePushLockExclusive, the APC delivery is disabled;

2, If the APC delivery is disabled, then FltQueryInformationFile will fail because it must be called at PASSIVE_LEVEL and APCs are enabled.

In such a case, how should I query the file size? Does building an IRP help?

Thanks in advance.

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Easier would be to call FltQueryInformationFile before taking lock, I don't what are user constraints though. –  Rohan Jan 8 '13 at 4:38
Building your own irp is quite hard to get right and wouldnt be recommended. I would agree with @Rohan, Flt functions will also help you deal with the issue of re-entrancy ahead of the old Zw's. –  Ironside Jan 28 '13 at 19:54

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You can use this to get file size

GetFileSize (
    _In_ PFLT_INSTANCE Instance,
    _In_ PFILE_OBJECT FileObject,
    _Out_ PLONGLONG Size

Routine Description:

    This routine obtains the size.


    Instance - Opaque filter pointer for the caller. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

    FileObject - File object pointer for the file. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

    Size - Pointer to a LONGLONG indicating the file size. This is the output.

Return Value:

    Returns statuses forwarded from FltQueryInformationFile.


    //  Querying for FileStandardInformation gives you the offset of EOF.

    status = FltQueryInformationFile( Instance,
                                      NULL );

    if (NT_SUCCESS( status )) {

        *Size = standardInfo.EndOfFile.QuadPart;

    return status;
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