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I get the following when trying to install Hlearn:

$ cabal install HLearn-distributions --ghc-options=-XConstraintKinds
Resolving dependencies...
Configuring HLearn-distributions-
Building HLearn-distributions-
Preprocessing library HLearn-distributions-

    Warning: -XDatatypeContexts is deprecated: It was widely considered a misfeature, and has been removed from the Haskell language.

    Could not find module `GHC.TypeLits'
    Perhaps you meant GHC.Types (needs flag -package ghc-prim)
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
cabal.exe: Error: some packages failed to install:
HLearn-distributions- failed during the building phase. The exception
ExitFailure 1

I've tried installing the package using cabal (cabal install ghc-prim) but there's no such package. Also tried

$ cabal install HLearn-distributions --ghc-options=-XConstraintKinds -f-package ghc-prim
cabal.exe: There is no package named 'ghc-prim'.
You may need to run 'cabal update' to get the latest list of available

Any suggestions?

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The module GHC.TypeLits is only available from base-4.6 on, with ghc-7.6.1.

I don't see any guards around the import, so the stated constraints on base in the build-depends are wrong in the versions and

If you want to install that package, you have to upgrade to ghc-7.6 or install a version < 0.1,

$ cabal-install "HLearn-distributions < 0.1" 
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ok. When I install the haskell platform I get ghc 7.4.1. – yalis Jan 5 '13 at 23:10
Yes, 7.6 was too new for the platform when that came out. If you want the bleeding edge, the platform isn't for you, that includes tried and tested stuff. – Daniel Fischer Jan 5 '13 at 23:17

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