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Here is a Jamfile that I currently use to build a test.

exe file_test
        : file_test.cpp ../src/file.hpp ../src//file
        : <cxxflags>--std=c++11
        : <linkflags>-ltag

Is there any way to switch to c++11 standard without being gcc specific? And is there any portable possibility to give bjam the link flags (or is this a portable way?)? I know that I can write conditional parameters but that would mean that I have to write the parameters for any compiler I would like to support. Thus I hope that bjam has a solution for this.

Additionally I would like to know if there is a meaning in not deleting the "bin" directory after calling "bjam clean".

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You can have a look here for external libraries. Unfortunately, library names are sometimes platform specifc as well (.a/.lib) so I

As for compiler flags, if it is not part of the built-in features, you would have to add support yourself for each toolset, which is probably even more work.

I had to maintain bjam for a build system at work and I must say, if something does not come in-the-box with it, it can be really hard to find help elsewhere.

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Well, I realised that bjam is not very convenient if I have specific wishes. Therefore I didn't use it anymore. – user1678062 Feb 10 '14 at 17:19

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