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I am capturing image in android. In the picture callback function I have saved the image here is my saving code

String number = Integer.toString(image_number);
                    Log.e("pathhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", "/sdcard/img-"+number+".jpg");
                    outStream = new FileOutputStream("/sdcard/img-"+number+".jpg");
                    Log.e("image number", Integer.toString(image_number));

                } catch (FileNotFoundException e){
                    Log.d("CAMERA", e.getMessage());
                } catch (IOException e){
                    Log.d("CAMERA", e.getMessage());

Its working fine for 2.2 emulator but when I run in emulator 3.0 its shows error

here is the error

01-06 04:55:47.398: ERROR/pathhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(424): /sdcard/img-0.jpg
01-06 04:55:47.398: DEBUG/CAMERA(424): /sdcard/img-0.jpg (Permission denied)

help me out

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Try to add this code before calling camera activity,

     Uri uriSavedImage=Uri.fromFile(new File("/sdcard/picturename.png"));
     camera.putExtra("output", uriSavedImage);
     startActivityForResult(camera, 1);
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I used camera as a service –  Diptopol Dam Jan 5 '13 at 23:21

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